Tax Resources

W-4 Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate

If you are an employee be sure to update your W-4 Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate with your employer when you have life changes or need to adjust your withholding.

W-9 Request for Taxpayer ID#

When you have made payments to someone you hire for services that require a 1099 to be sent, send a W-9 Request for Taxpayer ID Number to request their identification number.

Who is required to file a 1099MISC?

  • A 1099- MISC must be prepared by persons engaged in trade or business who make payments of at least $600 during the year for services rendered and/or rent paid to any recipient.  These must be prepared for all recipients that are not incorporated, unless the payment is to a corporation for legal fees.  Also, royalties of at least $10 and the sale of good to a buyer for resale of $5000 or more.
  • Examples include nonemployee compensation, rent, attorney fees, accountant fees, sublet, maintenance, etc.
    In addition, Interest and Dividends paid must be reported on forms 1099INT or 1099DIV.

In addition, it is important to properly classify a paid worker to avoid penalties. See: Employee vs. an Independent Contractor.

Request for Transcript of Income Tax Return

Do you need a transcript of your income tax return?  Maybe your mortgage broker is requesting one. Visit IRS to request copies at